Gift Voucher T&C’s

Terms & Conditions

  • The bearer (name) of the gift voucher is entitled to purchase hairdressing services and/or hair products at any Synergy Hair salon throughout New Zealand
  • Gift vouchers are non-transferable
  • Gift vouchers all have a unique Synergy Hair system generated number and barcode on them for identification
  • Vouchers are not redeemable for cash
  • Any vouchers that may have had the value altered or informally amended may void the voucher
  • No cash change will be provided for any voucher when used
  • Any dollar value outstanding (above $10.00 will have a new voucher provided for the outstanding amount)
  • Any purchases exceeding the gift voucher value requires the use of cash, debit or credit card to complete the purchase
  • Gift vouchers have a redemption date of up to six months after date of purchase
  • Synergy Hair is not liable for any vouchers the may be lost or stolen